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Developer Features in 22R3

We are pleased to bring you the following additions and enhancements to Developer Portal features in 22R3. REST API features added in 22R3 only affect API v22.3, unless otherwise noted.

For issues fixed in a release, see the "Developer Features" category of the fixed issues list in Vault CDMS Help.


Release Date: October 14, 2022

Retrieve Study Jobs

The Retrieve Study Jobs API allows users retrieve recent Study Jobs, across one or more Studies, with a single request. The primary use case fo rthis API is to automate the retrieval of export file data, across many studies, for example, study data extract ZIP files. With this API, users can filter for recently finished, successful jobs (status = completed__v) or determine each job_id and use it to retrieve the output file with the Retrieve Job Output File API.

Include Study Design for Start Study Job (SDE)

The Start Study Job API for the Study Data Extract (SDE) job now supports the new parameter, include_study_design. The default is false. When set to true, Vault will include additional CSV files about the study's design in the job's output.

New Study Job Status: Queued

With this release, Study Jobs can now show a status of Queued (queued__v). Once a Start Study Job request is submitted, and the job doesn't immediately enter the In Progress (in_progress__v) status, the job enters the Queued status until the job starts. There aren't any functional changes to Jobs APIs with this enhancement.

Limits on Create/Upsert API Actions

If an API did not already have a limit for number of actions in one request, one has been applied. Open Query By ID and Close Query By ID already had a limit of 500 in place. All others now have a limit of 100 actions per request. For example, the subjects array of Create Subjects (Casebooks) can't have more than 100 entries in it.

Create Subjects/Casebooks Changes

This release includes the following changes to the Create Subjects/Casebooks API:

Retrieve Events/Forms Changes

This release includes the following chnages to the Retrieve Events/Forms API:

Retrieve Forms (Item Data) Changes

This release includes the following changes to the Retrieve Forms (Items) API:

Entered on Screen (Weight field) Response Values
150.2 lbs .. "item_name": "weight", "value": "150.2", "unit_value": "lbs", "translated_value": "68.129574", "translated_unit_value": "kg",...
68.1 kg .. "item_name": "weight", "value": "68.1", "unit_value": "kg", "translated_value": "68.1", "translated_unit_value": "kg",...

Retrieve Coding Requests Changes

This release includes the following changes to the Retrieve Coding Requests API: