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Developer Features in 19R3

We are pleased to bring you the following additions and enhancements to Developer Portal features in 19R3.0. REST API features added in 19R3 only affect API v19.3, unless otherwise noted.

For issues fixed in the 19R3.0 release, see the "API" category of the fixed issues list in Vault CDMS Help.

Learn more about the 19R3.0 release in Vault CDMS Help.

REST API v19.3

Release Date: November 1, 2019

With this release, we introduced the Vault CDMS API. Organizations can use the API to support integrations with external systems.

This release includes the following endpoints:

Study API

API Name Description
Get Studies API

This API allows user to get a list of all studies. If a customer doesn’t know the Study Names used for other APIs, they can use this endpoint to retrieve them. Vault only returns studies the user has permission to access.

GET /api/{version}/app/cdm/studies

Casebook API

API Name Description
Create Casebook API

Create a new Casebook, with first Event Group and Event in the Unplanned status

POST /api/{version}/app/cdm/subjects/

Event APIs

API Name Description
Set Event Dates API

Set the Event Date for an Event


Form APIs

API Name Description
Set Item Value API

Set data on a form


Submit Form API

Submit a form

POST /api/{version}/app/cdm/forms/actions/submit

Edit Submitted Form API

Move a submitted form into edit mode and provide a reason for change.

POST /api/{version}/app/cdm/forms/actions/edit

Query APIs

API Name Description
Retrieve Queries API

Retrieve a list of queries

GET /api/{version}/app/cdm/queries

Open Query API

Open a query on an Item or Event Date

POST /api/{version}/app/cdm/queries

Answer Query API

Answer a query with message

POST /api/{version}/app/cdm/queries/actions/answer

Close Query API

Close a query with an optional message

POST /api/{version}/app/cdm/queries/actions/close

Reopen Query API

Reopen a query with a message

POST /api/{version}/app/cdm/queries/actions/reopen

User APIs

API Name Description
Retrieve Users API

Retrieve a list of Users in a Study

POST /api/{version}/app/cdm/users

Create User API

Create a new User and assign that User a Study Role for a Study

GET /api/{version}/app/cdm/usersmessage